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The Nature of Existence
The Movie

Original Score By Billy Sullivan
October/November 2008

Directed By Roger Nygard
Produced By Paul Tarrentino, Roger Nygard


Score Highlights & Cues
1M9v4 (God)
1M10v2 (Universe)
1M11v2 (Fairfax)
2M26v1 (The Reading)
2M27v3 (Truth)
2M28v3 (Interview)
3M29v1 (Baraka)
3M30v3 (Prayer)

3M31v2 (Sagan's Widow)
3M32v3 (Religion)
3M33v3 (Psychologist)
3M35v2 (Pizza)
3M36v1 (Belief in UFO's)
4M56v1 (Morality)
5M62v1 (Soul)
5M72v1 (Ending Theme)

One of my proudest works yet! We went all over the planet, and interviewed hundreds of spiritual and religious leaders, as well scientists, physicists, and even comedians... asking the toughest questions. The score took me 6 weeks and we do believe we brought you something to look at & listen to!