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Trekkies 2
The Official Soundtrack
Billy Sullivan & JJ Holiday

Recorded at Cloverland
December 2003 to Febuary 2004

Produced by Billy Sullivan & JJ Holiday

Directed by: Roger Nygard
Produced by: Mike Leahy


1. Since I was zero
2. Beam Me Up
3. The Worst Time to Call
4. Italy Theme
5. Red Alert/Warp 11
6. Everything I do, I do with William Shatner
7. Boldly Going
8. Vulcan Mind Meld
9. For the Glory of Qo On’s
10. Life in Exile
11. Arkansas Theme
12. The Expendable Guy
13. Band from Argo
14. No Kill I Theme Song
15. Tranya 
16. Data and the Beta
17. Where are the Glory
18. Germany Theme
19. Beam Me Up (Instrumental)